This is the First thing that stuck me when I wanted to start writing a blog, where I would like to share the Good news and my walk with the Lord.

Have you made the Biggest U-Turn of your life? Or do you think you need time to do that? I am referring to the important decision, where we decide to follow Christ, follow his ways and leave the sinful ways that hinders our Faith & Walk with Christ. This is the First step of our walk with Christ, where we redeem our vows with God & surrender our lives to his purpose. I have come across people who wait to make their decision for the right Sunday Service, need time to get over themselves from the Guilty conscience or what would people think etc.

You don’t need a sign, a self-cleaning process or any other superstitious things, it doesn’t work that way. It all stars with you, within you knowing that God is ready to hold you and take you to the road that he has prepared you. Don’t think that you would hurt him by turning to your old ways or you won’t be able to live up to his expectations. When you start the U-turn, just take one day at a time, focus on the things that you need to do as his Son/Daughter, fill yourselves with his word and surround yourself in fellow Christians and ask God to give you the ways to counter attack evil. When I made the biggest U-turn, I focused on doing things which was right in the eyes of God, I noticed the ways on how I make mistakes & ways that devil starts to lure me into his ways.  And, made myself aware of my situations and avoided them by surrounding in Godly presence. Knowing that God is in control of my life made me stop worrying and focus on things that God wants me to do.

Maybe you have made the U-turn, but you are having hiccups on the ways or seemed to be lost on the Goal that He set you in. Don’t give up on the hiccups as well as when you have turned for a little moment on your old ways, recall the promises that he made with you & shake your dust off and start the next moment knowing that he is always with you.

In life, we come across failure, like exams in high school or college, we don’t give up on that; rather we re-attempt to make it successful. Re-attempts doesn’t make you bad but rather makes us aware of ourselves & another chance to make it right.  we are in process of re-tuning ourselves to live as God wants which is our goal. I know it’s not an easy task, but when you take life one day at a time and make every walk pleasing to God, life with God becomes the most wonderful thing to do.

Walking with God becomes Easy when you make your Bible as the first person to ask for Advice!!!


2 thoughts on “U-Turn

  1. Great reminder for me about the Blessings I am getting every day….thank you Nirmal.
    God Bless you & your family till the end….


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