Where’s your inspiration?


We all have looked upon someone and wanted to be like them all our life. When we were a child, we had dreams and it may have changed on the course of life and some would have just followed it all their life. When I accepted Christ as my Savior, I submitted my dream and ambition to him and waited on God to know what’s my purpose on Earth.

But on the process of knowing my purpose and learning what to do next, I faced hard times as well as needed the energy to go on even when people around you don’t think the way you think. During that time, I looked on the people who did God’s work as well as people who did make a difference in this world.

But at one Time, I understood as well as learnt the Greatest Lesson that God can alone be my Inspiration, my Energy and my All in All. I was watching a documentary on how they designed the A380 Aeroplane. One of the challenges was that they had to design it according to Air traffic regulation; and the wings can only be of certain distance. With the Plane being so huge, the designers started to look for solution as the conventional wing would cause a whirlpool of Air at the End, which would cause disaster. Then, they found the way by placing a camera on Eagle & learned how it flew and designed the wings to make the A380 come true. The Engineers got the inspiration from the Eagle and designed the world’s Biggest Aeroplane.

This made me think for a Moment; where an Eagle was just one Creature that God created and there are plenty more stories where people designed cars, building etc on seeing God’s creation. Then think of us, who were created in his own image, loved by him, rescued by him and the list keeps going on. We can have so many heroes in our life but the most important thing is to draw inspiration from Him and to look unto him for each and everything in our life.

When you make God your Focus and your Inspiration in Life, you are bound to do Great things for Him!!






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