A Guy who is taking this life one day at time & looking at Life’s Best part & it’s beauty ..God is best the Gift that I know in my life & without whom, It would be quite difficult to know why I am here.

I just know one stuff, God loves me and all I need to do is to hang on to him all the time, knowing he is the Best Anchor that I got.

Like many of us, I was like the Bad Son who spent all his Father’s wealth and came back empty Handed. But, what happened next was the unexpected. Once you have tasted his Love, there is no turning back, but the main things is just not to keep His Love within us but to Spread it, Spread  it as far as you can.

So, Here I am, sharing His Goodness, His Love, His compassion and the list goes on.

So Let’s start sharing HIS LOVE !! JESUS Rocks